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What’s Important to You?

Northville Dems May, 2020 Newsletter

As we do our best to navigate through the coronavirus pandemic, it may feel like we’re in a time warp. What day is it? How long have I been in the house? When can I leave? But, speaking of time, and in case we need a reminder, we have an election coming up in less than six months.

Yes, we know, we know . . . How many times have we heard, “This is the most important election of our lifetime”? However, when you consider the possibility of four more years of Donald Trump, this election really is the most important one of our lifetime.

For this month’s Newsletter and discussion topic at Monday night’s Zoom Membership Meeting, we’d like to know which election issues are most important to you. During our meeting, we’ll have the opportunity to share our issues with one another. We’ll also be taking a Zoom poll, and will be able to see the results in “real time,” so we’ve listed some potential issues below. Thank you, and looking forward to seeing and hearing everyone on May 18th!

  • Coronavirus pandemic/COVID-19

  • Health care

  • Immigration

  • Climate change/protecting our environment

  • Income inequality

  • Education

  • Voting rights/security

  • Social safety net

  • Corporate welfare/excessive tax cuts, minimal/no regulations for corporations

  • Competent governance/legislative oversight

  • Other


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