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Join the Northville Democratic Club

The Northville Democratic Club will continue to lead the way to a better, safer, more just and stable future. Whether you are renewing or a new member we welcome you into our community.


It’s free to join the Northville Dems, but we welcome donations. Funds go to support 

Northville Democratic Elected Officials and candidates.


There are three easy ways to join:

  1. For a free membership Click Here

  2. To join with a donation by check Click Here

  3. To join with a donation on ActBlue Click Here

Suggested donations

  • $30: Regular membership

  • $20: Seniors (65 and over)

  • $5: College students (fee is optional)

  • $0: High School Students


We occasionally email the member list to our supporters so people can see if their membership is current.  Please email if you would rather not be listed.

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