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We seek justice for all. Black Lives Matter.

The board of the Northville Democratic Club mourns the continued assault on Black Lives arising out of systemic institutional racism. We stand united in solidarity with our Black families, neighbors and friends in a call for an end to anti-Black racism and the killing of Black lives. Black Lives Matter. The protests throughout our 50 states and in Michigan from east to west, north to south, reveal that we must examine and fight racism in our local communities. It is not Ferguson’s problem. It is not Minneapolis’s problem. It is not Detroit’s problem. Institutional racism is OUR problem. We condemn the rampant police brutality throughout the United States that continues to extinguish Black lives, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. We remember George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, but also Sandra Bland, Akai Gurley, and Eric Garner, and many, many more. As Democrats, we go to the experts and community leaders. That includes the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, with 80 years of work against racism and discrimination. We support their statement at We encourage our local law enforcement departments to join ALPACT (Advocates & Leaders for Police & Community Trust). Go to for more information. Our efforts this summer and fall 2020 must be toward electing Democrats who share the goal of ending systematic racism. In solidarity, Northville Democratic Club Board

Lisa DiRado, President Roland Hwang, Vice President

Randa Cain, Treasurer Dana Fortier, Secretary

Susan Nichols, Membership Chair Christian Alvarado, Trustee Jason Blankenship, Trustee Herbert Helzer II, Trustee Janet Hess, Trustee Luci Klinkhamer, Trustee Jerry Oljace, Trustee



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