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Vote Your Values

Joe Biden is all about values. Even if you disagree with him in areas of policy, Joe Biden is a man of values. Character, decency, and service have defined Joe Biden’s entire life. He has overcome personal tragedy, over and over again, yet has always been there to console and to be of service to others.

A few weeks after winning his first election to the Senate, Joe Biden’s wife and daughter were killed in a car accident. Mr. Biden initially considered resigning to take care of his sons who were injured in that accident, but others convinced him that his constituents needed him, too. So, Mr. Biden would take a 3-hour round-trip train ride every day to be home with his sons every night.

There are countless stories of Joe Biden’s kindness and generosity. He is a pillar of humility and empathy, a man to whom you could trust your life. Ask Mary Harnett. Back in 1977, then-Senator Biden was driving by her, having just dropped his kids off at the movies. He heard Mary Hartnett scream as a thief stole her purse. Mr. Biden stopped his car, then chased the two perpetrators, leaping over three fences in the process, and recovered the purse and all its contents. As a "fun” (or, maybe terrifying) thought experiment, try to picture the “current president” doing anything remotely like this. Unless, of course, he was planning to keep Mary’s purse.

Here’s another wonderful story ( about Joe Biden, which further tells us why he will be a great President and restore what used to be the dignity of the Oval Office. Speaking of which . . .

Donald J. Trump serves only himself. He has no values. He’s a “billionaire” who hides his financial information, a “stable genius” who hides his college grades, a “successful” business man who went bankrupt half a dozen times, a “ladies man” who pays for sex, a “Christian” who doesn't go to church, a “philanthropist” who defrauds charities, a “patriot” who dodged the draft, and a "tough guy” who whines like a baby about the slightest insult.

And, Donald J. Trump doesn’t represent any of the Republican Party’s traditional values, either. Imagine Ronald Reagan opposing free trade or disengaging from NATO allies while letting the Russians run roughshod over them. Donald J. Trump would sell your mother and your children if it suited his ego.

By Steve Podvoll


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