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United We Are Democrats

Northville Dems Newsletter for February 23, 2020

I will never ask you to Vote Blue no matter Who. That’s a terrible slogan – but more importantly it’s just not right.

I will ask you to choose the candidate who supports your values.

Who are we as Democrats?

  • We are the party of empathy. Everyone cares about their own people, but Democrats care about other people. This makes us the party of, by and for the people.

  • We are the party of responsibility for ourselves, but we are also responsible for each other.

  • We are the party of the common good, community and good government. Because the private depends on the public. Because we know that good government can make people’s lives better.

Our values are empathy, protection, empowerment, community, to name a few.

As we choose a candidate for president there are lots of choices – and lots of opinions. I know you will vote with your heads and with your hearts.

If our nominee isn’t your first choice I’m asking you to find a candidate you can believe in and work for them. Whether it’s a state rep race, or a local race, there’s lots of work to do. Find someone who will move the party in your direction and work to make sure they are elected.

United we are Democrats. Not the ‘fall in line’ united, but a true party of all people, where everyone matters. If we are united we will win races up and down the ticket.

At our next member meeting on Monday, February 24th, 7:00 pm, you will have the opportunity to make the case for your preferred presidential candidate. Anyone who wants to speak will have 1 minute (or less) to tell us about their choice. Join us!

Lisa DiRado

President, Northville Dems

NDC Membership Meeting: Monday, February 24, 7:00 pm. The Cady Inn, 215 Griswold St., Northville, MI 48167 at Mill Race Village in downtown Northville.


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