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Should We Fight to End The Filibuster?

We are in a paradigm shift from an economy for the wealthy to one for everyone else. Build Back Better, President Biden's plan for jobs and economic recovery focuses on the middle class, working people, and the poor. Since the Reagan era, Republicans have pushed trickle-down economics, the idea that providing benefits to the very wealthy will benefit everyone. But most of America was left behind. Democrats now understand that by making sure that all Americans thrive, we will grow an economy that works for everyone. This is bottom-up economics.

President Biden began with the American Rescue plan – relief from the pandemic and rescue for the economy – so we have an economy that works for everyone. He was able to pass it in record time. Future legislation will include manufacturing and innovation, infrastructure, caregiving and education, and racial equity. Democrats plan to pass an updated social contract for all of us.

But therein lies the rub. Because of an arcane Senate rule called the filibuster, the minority can prevent a vote, so Democrats need 60 votes to pass most legislation.

So, we must end the filibuster, right? That may not be the best strategy for Democrats.

Filibuster is a confusing term, and people don’t understand it. Also, most people don’t care about Senate process. People want a government that works, that helps people. They want good government.

Our framing, our messaging, and our efforts should be about what we want, not about outdated, irrelevant Senate processes.

What do we want?

  • We want jobs and an economic recovery that works for everyone. Passing President Biden’s plan for domestic manufacturing and infrastructure will bring jobs with living wages.

  • We want to tackle the climate crisis. President Biden has plans for clean energy solutions.

  • We want racial equality. That starts with making sure all Americans have the freedom to vote. Republican state legislatures are doing everything they can to suppress the right to vote. We must pass the For the People Act (S1 & H.R.1) so that everyone is free to vote.

How do we get what we want? We pressure Senators to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better plan for jobs, the economy, and the climate. We push Senators to pass the For the People Act and ensure people have the freedom to vote. Demanding our Senators enact this legislation will force a change in the filibuster.

Drop talking about the filibuster. It sounds like a political power play.

Ask for what we want – the For the People Act so that all Americans have the freedom to vote. Demand good jobs, with a living wage, and good government. If Senators must change the filibuster – so be it. Our Senators can worry about the Senate rules. Bottom-up economics calls on Democrats to actively grow the economy by making Americans' lives better. Our Liberal values call for racial equality and the right to vote for everyone. When we the people demand more, the Senate will act.



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