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“Red Flag” Gun Safety Bills

The Northville Dems Members passed the following resolution at the August 26, 2019 Northville Democratic Club membership meeting.

WHEREAS, the number of mass shootings and other deaths caused by firearms in the United States is intolerable, and

WHEREAS, addressing root causes of firearm violence will require multiple approaches, including taking firearms away from individuals at greater risk of committing violence, and

WHEREAS, so called “red flag” laws allow seizing a person’s firearms for up to one year after family members or law enforcement officials prove the gun owner was an imminent danger to commit violence, and

WHEREAS, bills currently before the Michigan House and Michigan Senate that would implement effective “red flag” rules are being prevented from receiving proper up-or-down floor votes by the Republican House and Senate leadership,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Northville Democratic Club demands that the Michigan House and Michigan Senate allow full committee discussion and floor votes for the bills submitted (HB 4283 and SB 156).


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