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NDC Newsletter: March 20, 2020

Some may say ‘it’s not the time for politics’. But this is precisely the time for politics. What this crisis has shown us is the importance of government, because a crisis is when we need good government the most.

Democrats are the party of good government and we are leading. Whether it is Speaker Pelosi and the House Families First Act that fights for economic, food and health security for all Americans or the proactive and steady leadership of Governor Whitmer, Democrats are leading.

The conservative movement has worked to dismantled government. That left us with a President who doesn’t believe in government and who is completely incompetent.

Democrats must win in November to save America.

That said, we know there are divisions within the Democratic Party. Once we settle on a presidential candidate, how will we unite?

In today’s newsletter, I ask you - What can we do to heal the divisions?

  • What should the DNC do?

  • What should the Michigan Dems do?

  • What should Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders do?

  • What should the Northville Dems do?

  • What makes the situation worse and what can make it better?

  • Most importantly, what will you do?

Join us on Monday, March 23, 2020; at 7:00 pm for a Zoom Town Hall discussion on how Democrats can heal the division. We will use Zoom online meetings and each of us will be able to speak during the meeting. Be ready to see everyone on camera too!

Register for the Zoom meeting with the link here:

Zoom will send you a link and you will click on the link to join the meeting. You can download the free Zoom app on your desktop, tablet or phone or join in a browser. If you have questions please join the meeting at 6:30 and we will be available to help.

These are difficult times, but we can still organize. We can plan for the end of this crisis and be ready for November.


Lisa DiRado

President, Northville Dems



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