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My Passion for Voting

I am asking you to please get out and vote like your life depends on it. Because I truly believe it does. As I read about more cases of COVID-19 and the discrepancies about wearing masks, I get so frustrated, sad and angry. I hate what this current President is doing. He is deliberately turning fellow Americans against each other. He is causing confusion, distrust and hate among us; and he is using the pandemic to not only physically kill us, but to also kill our American Spirit.

When 9/11 happened, there were a number of people who promoted hate. But, then, George W. Bush came on the air and stood for America; he did what a President should do. He UNITED our country to come together and stay strong. To fight against tyranny and hate. To work together as a Nation. We did whatever was necessary to protect each other from hate and terrorism.

Now, I am not saying that I agree with everything President Bush did. But I do believe he did not divide us during this time of pain and suffering.

Well, we are under attack again, but this time, we are not united and/or working together for the common good of each other, our neighbors and our communities. We are fighting over sensible stay-safe measures like wearing masks and social distancing! Why, when we should all be pulling together, are we do divided? I will tell you – Donald Trump.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about us, our nation or our dignity. He only cares about himself and power. He stands with dictators and abusers in tearing our country apart. If Donald Trump wins re-election, I honestly believe you can say goodbye to our democracy.

Since Donald Trump took office, I don’t feel like my constitutional rights are there for me. He is fighting science. He is destroying our land, constantly lying to us and rewarding those who disregard our constitution and what this nation has fought for all of its existence.

My father and uncles fought in WWII against a fascist-empowered dictator. They stood up for our freedom, equality and for all people to worship as they saw fit. They stood up for the ability to choose our leaders and to protect our “unalienable rights.”

And, what does Trump stand for? He stands with dictators like Putin, and is destroying our freedom, justice and equality on a daily basis. He stands with white supremacists, and is using our military against our own citizens.

So, in conclusion, go out and vote like your life depends on it. Because it does. Vote if you want the freedom to protest peacefully. Vote if want the freedom of choosing, or not choosing, a religion. Vote if you want the freedom to speak the truth. Vote if you believe in equality for all Americans. Vote if want a pathway for immigrants to feel safe in moving to this country. Vote if you believe that science is important – not only to our lives – but also to our Economy. Vote if you want to have a job knowing that you can’t be fired for your choice of who you love, or for the color of your skin. Vote if you want believe that the police and military are here for your protection, and not to be used as a pawn against your freedom. Are you seeing the theme here? VOTE!! Vote, not just for Joe Biden, but VOTE BLUE up and down the ballot. Vote to restore our country’s reputation of working with our allies, and for the dignity of and respect for all Americans and human beings. Let’s take back our country to make it stronger, more effective and working for all of us! Thank you.

By Beverly Cass



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