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Make us Kind Again

Over the past several years, our country has experienced a rise in racially motivated hate crimes against individuals of color. Most recently, members of the Asian community have been the target. In recent weeks, harassment and physical violence against vulnerable Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders has escalated.

We, the members of the Northville Democratic Club, are disturbed and outraged by these unfolding events and the xenophobia that underlies them. We are concerned for victims’ families and those in our community impacted by these terrible acts.

As a community, we should embrace the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You.” As a Club, we will strive to hold our members accountable in their words and their deeds. As individuals, we should give and receive the love, appreciation, and accountability we expect from each other.

We can all help by reaching out and listening with compassion to members of affected communities. We must denounce bigotry in all forms. Let’s continue pursuing justice as we work to make our world better than it is now and stand together against all forms of hatred.

Northville Democratic Board

March 21, 2021



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