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Gratitude. Generosity. Giving.

We are Democrats who proudly support and defend our values of equality, honesty, fairness, kindness, integrity and respect. Feel free to throw in empathy and compassion. And, here’s a simple way to differentiate our two political parties . . . take the polar opposites of our values and that will pretty much sum up what Republicans (the party of Trump) stand for.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season! It’s often this time of year that many of us count our blessings and turn our focus toward others in need. For some of you, that may mean making a financial donation to a favorite charity. Others may donate their time as a volunteer. However, some of us may have the desire to give, but may not know how best and/or where to direct our dollars and efforts. If you are in this group, the following organizations are a valuable resource to help you “give smarter” and “give thoughtfully”:

· Charity Navigator (

· CharityWatch (

· GiveWell (

As always, we’d like to know what you think, and (again, as always) we’ll have the opportunity to hear from you at tomorrow’s Membership meeting. If you are supporting a cause near and dear to your hearts, we hope that you will share your experience with all of us. Thank you!



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