• Northville Democratic Club

NDC Statement of Values

The Northville Democratic Club stood up the Our Democratic Values committee in November 2021 to articulate our Democratic values and beliefs. The motivation for this project is Democrats 101 - A Primer for Us, by J.M. Purvis. Democrats 101 asks critical questions about our identity and values.

Our Democratic Values committee completed their task. On January 24, 2022, the Northville Dems membership approved the following Statement of Values. This statement will guide us in articulating our beliefs and values as Democrats.

Northville Democratic Club
Statement of Values

These things are important to us.

Our Beliefs as Democrats
  • Government exists to help people, to better their lives, and to make America a better country to live in for the collective good.

  • The purpose of government is to protect our nation, defend our democracy, uphold our rights, and promote the welfare of all.

  • We believe in treating each other with empathy, kindness, and respect.

  • We believe all people are created equal. Human rights are basic values and the core of our existence as a nation.

  • We strive to make the ideals of Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity a reality for all as we work toward a more perfect union.

Our Values as Democrats

Freedom means…

  • A government of, by, and for the people.

  • A belief in our constitutional freedoms such as speech, religion, assembly, privacy, and rights of the accused.

  • Democracy, including full participation in our elections without barriers to voting, free from fraud, manipulation, or corruption, especially by the powerful few.

Justice means . . .

  • Everyone's worth is respected.

  • Every citizen is safe in their person.

  • Every citizen is treated equally before the law and by the law.

Opportunity means . . .

  • Everyone has a fair chance.

  • Access to a good quality public education.

  • Jobs with fair pay and dignity.

  • Living without fear of hunger or homelessness or lack of medical care.