Welcome to the Northville Democratic Club

Northville Democratic Club

We stand as the Progressive voice for change in Northville, Michigan. At one time our community was considered to be a conservative bastion for the Republicans. Democratic voices were absent or silenced. Republican candidates ran without opposition.

But in the last few years the Northville Democratic Club has shaken up the old order. We’ve organized a flurry of activities (see calendar):

  • Town hall meetings on critical issues (see calendar)
  • An anti-war march
  • Regular membership meetings (see calendar)
  • Fund-raisers for our Political Action Committee (PAC)
  • Democratic presence in the 4th of July celebration and Victorian Festival
  • Democratic Spring Gala, an elegant regional fundraiser at Meadowbrook Country Club
  • Northville Summer Barbeque, a lively but relaxed local fundraiser
  • Phone banking and canvassing to identify Democratic voters throughout Northville
  • Strong campaign to elect and re-elect President Barack Obama, coordinated with OFA
  • Support for Democratic Candidates throughout the ticket
  • In-depth participation in Michigan Democratic Party events and initiatives

Please join us (see Join Our Club), and volunteer to help as we prepare for the 2014 campaign.  Come to our next meeting, fundraiser, or town hall event (see calendar), or donate to the Northville Dems PAC (see Contact Us). With your help, we can help turn this community into one where Progressive ideas reach every household.

Join the Northville Democratic Club and become part of the political change that moves Michigan forward. We are already preparing for the 2014 November election. Here are just some of the activities we have planned.

  • Work on a phone bank to identify voters who are likely to vote Democratic and to urge identified Democrats to vote and to otherwise become involved in the election process
  • Assist in organizing and throwing fund raising events
  • Come to our monthly meetings and meet like-minded fellow Democrats and Democratic candidates
  • Drive around a section of Northville or Northville Township just days before the election and drop off Democratic literature to known Democrats and others
  • Hand out campaign literature at your precinct polling place on election day
  • Assist your precinct captain as a poll watcher on election day
  • Work in partnership with Organizing for Action, President Obama’s new community based organization
  • Run for Precinct Delegate joining the many Northville Democratic Club Precinct Delegates
  • Support the club through administering our technology program

Join us for fellowship with a purpose. We could use your time and talents.


Latest Northville Democratic Club News

Candidates Endorsed by the Northville Democratic Club

Partisan Ballot Governor – Mark Schauer U.S. Senator – Gary Peters Representative for US Congress 11th District – Bobby McKenzie Secretary of State -- Godfrey Dillard Attorney General – Mark Totten State Senator 7th District – Dian Slavens State Senator 15th District - Mike Smith Representative in State Legislature 20th District – Nate Smith-Tyge Representative in State Legislature  21st District -Kristy Pagan Representative in State Legislature 38th District – Jasper Catanzaro Wayne County Executive - Warren Evans Wayne County Commissioner 9th District – Patrick O'Neil Oakland County Commissioner 9th District – Colleen Crossey Michigan Board of Education -- Cassandra Ulbrich Michigan Board of Education -- Pamela Smith Michigan State University Board of Trustees -- George Perles Michigan State University Board of Trustees -- Faylene Owen University of Michigan Board of Regents -- Kathy White University of Michigan Board of Regents -- Michael Behm Wayne State University Board of Governors -- Dana Thompson Wayne State University Board of Governors -- Marilyn Kelly   Non-Partisan Ballot Michigan Supreme Court -- Richard Bernstein Michigan Supreme Court -- Debra Thomas (to fill vacancy; only a 2-year term) Schoolcraft College Trustee - Bob Breslin, NDC Board Member Schoolcraft College Trustee -- Joan Gebhardt Schoolcraft College Trustee -- Terry Gilligan Schoolcraft College Trustee -- Brian Brodarick Northville School Board - Roland Hwang, NDC Board Member Northville District Library Millage -- Vote for Renewal   Please note that almost all of the judges are running unopposed. For Wayne County Probate Court, Braxton was not rated by the Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association, while Mitchell was rated by them as Not Qualified. Braxton attended our Spring Gala and has attended one of our membership meetings.  Mitchell attended our barbeque. The NDC has not made any recommendation for this contested position.