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Would Jesus have been a Democrat?

What an audacious question? Everyone knows that there are two subjects one never discusses in polite company, politics, and religion. So why is this question being considered? Recently I had the opportunity to read a new book entitled, Democrats101. Although I called myself an independent, I found the book to be extremely interesting. Not only did it present the history of politics since President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but it also enumerated the values Democrats have promoted through these many years in the form of a creed, a Democratic Creed. It also listed the many benefits Americans have realized as a result of the actions of the Democratic Party. By reading this book I have become so enthused that I now refer to myself as an energized Democrat.That can all be well and good, but how does this connect with the question of the politics of Jesus?

I am an Episcopalian, having been instructed in the Christian faith as practiced by Episcopalians. I became an Episcopalian due to the religious differences of my fiancé and myself, and since we were wed we have tried to live as Christians throughout our lives. Of course, we have had periods of doubt, but I am told that is a common experience among Christians.

I have been instructed in the Christian faith and accept the values espoused by Jesus in the Bible. As I read Democrats101, it became apparent that there was an undeniable connection between these two, the values of Jesus and those listed in the Democratic Creed.

Let me explain. Jesus speaks of loving your neighbor as yourself, and of showing compassion by giving your time and treasure to the poor. He promoted health by healing people and advocated justice, compassion, and love for one another. He promoted equality, justice, freedom and showed courage. He opened his faith to those who were despised by others including the Samaritans who were outcasts and most importantly, he opened his faith to those who were not Jewish.

The Democratic creed speaks of these values and many more including the equality of all people, being able to live without hunger, ending homelessness, and living a healthy life, with clean air and water. The Democratic Creed speaks to the many values that have evolved for all of us during the last 2000 years including the freedoms enumerated in the American Bill of Rights. It seems that Christ’s teachings encompass these basic Democratic values. So, it seems to me, in consideration of all of these facts, I have come to the conclusion, that if Jesus had had the opportunity to be a Democrat, he would have chosen to do so.

By David Sharpe

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